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Re: [school-discuss] looking for potential short term consultants in Laos for digital libraries and LMS

j. Tim Denny wrote:

We are collecting CV's for two upcoming "potential" short term contracts in
Laos.   We  will deploy several webapps on a Linux server (probably Ubuntu
12.04 when it comes out).  I need at least one of the consultants with
competency on Linux servers to do the installation and configuration,
 minor configuration/development, deploy the systems and train  others how
to use.   This is for two posts, one on Dspace and one on Moodle  -
 anticipated 4 month contract.

If  you are  interested in working in Laos short term at the university
level and have the credentials with proof of  capability to install,
configure, deploy and train others in a developing country environment then
please do get in touch with me with your CV.  Anticipated deployment is
July-October 2012.


Hello Tim,
I'm not interested in working in Laos, but have some experience with training technical stuff in what we call 'the Third World'.

There is a complete set of a server and server manuals that teach the art of building secure, industrial strength servers. These materials can be of help as background, teaching and/or training materials.

Server: http://serveratschool.net/
Manuals: http://serveratschool.net/doc/
The basic book on which the manuals are build: http://www.amazon.com/Securing-Optimizing-Linux-Hacking-Solution/dp/0968879314
'Securing and optimizing Linux'
The hacking solution
Author: Gerhard Mourani

Do not be misled by thinking these materials are outdated. They teach the basics, far beyond some Ubuntu version.
Kind regards,
Dirk Schouten
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