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Re: [school-discuss] English teacher apps

Hello Hans,
I'm looking for apps that help my students and I analyze sentence structures, correct word use and, if possible, make it easier for me to develop vocabulary quizzes using dict for example. I've got a little over 600 vocab questions for various books but I'd like to get a script that would help me create fill in the blank type quizzes using the text from Project Gutenberg. I've outlined a bit of the script here:

If anyone has the time to help me on that it could be a real time saver for teachers of all ilk :)

Hans, do you have any recommendations on not-so-difficult to use stand alone UNIX friendly apps that could help students analyze their sentences for correctness?


Hans Paijmans wrote:
Dennis Daniels wrote:

I'm looking specifically for concordance OSS applications. Perl or PHP scripts that identify language constructions etc. would also be very useful...

(perks up) As a computational linguist with a speciality in corpus
linguistics I am also interested. And I have a lot of experience in
programming & teaching this stuff, so what do you need exactly?