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Re: [school-discuss] New software nvu

On 09/05/2005, at 1:36 PM, glogan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Has anyone else tried nvu a wysiwyg html editor. I have given it a first look on my
Fedora Core 3 and Mac OS X machines. It looks like a simple html editor much like
Adobe PageMill. It is not as powerful as the newer programs like Dreamweaver and
Golive. It is open source and runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. , which worked fine.

Nvu is an offshoot of the Composer component of Mozilla. It's not too bad -- it uses the Gecko rendering engine like the rest of the Mozilla products, but we found that it did odd things with certain aspects of editing. More a bug than a design flaw, but I suppose that's something that you might need to be aware of -- it's not as mature as the more powerful programs you have mentioned.

That said, as a replacement for Composer, it's fantastic. That, and it runs everywhere -- Windows, Mac and other UNIXes.

   - andrew

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