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[school-discuss] Schoolforge questions for IEEE open source article

[I'm forwarding this to the list so you all can take a crack at 
answering Benjamin's questions.  Please include his email address above 
in any reply you make.  Thank you. (I'll do the history of Schoolforge.) 


Could you get back to me with answers by next Tues,
Wed at the latest?  Please remember to include
names/titles.  Thanks for your cooperation.



(1) Can we get a brief history of Schoolforge?
(boilerplate would suffice) 
(2) How has open source use in education grown over
the past 5 years? 
(3) How is Schoolforge getting the word out? 
(4) What are the first steps a school would take in
switching to open source?
(5) ...andf the Million Dollar Question: WHY is open
source the way to go? (i.e., benefits)