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[school-discuss] Schoolforge questions for IEEE open source article

Hi Benjamin,

I would like to address your fifth question: Why use open source?

There are a couple of reasons that spring to mind:

1) Control - an organization can control their own activities via software that they use. It can be adapted to better suit the workflow and things that are important to the organization.

I'm mainly talking about school administration software which I write. Organizations below a certain size do not normally do much with software changes since they don't have the resources or interests to do so.

This leads to ...

2) Fosters a community approach to software development and use.

Users and developers, once a critical mass is reached, push development in directions they are interested in. This is also affected by institutional needs particularly if they are paid developers for the institutions involved.

This gives a new dynamic to software development. As opposed to traditional software vendors with shrinkwrap apps and expensive customization options.

Les Richardson Open Admin for Schools.