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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: moving from Windows 2000 -> linux]

Doug Loss wrote:
> I'm forwarding this in the hope that we can collectively provide Marc
> with some help.


> Hello,
> My name is Marc Jackson.  I'm the systems admin at Ravenswood City School
> Distirct.  I've proposed moving the school district from Microsoft to
> Linux.
> I have to do a proof of concept.
> Specifically, I need to run a lab with linux terminal services and provide
> the following services in the lab:
> A typing program.
> A MS program, preferably Visio.
> Authentication to a MS product/Active Directory.
> Curriculum software which supports Literacy as it's main objective.
> Any help/ideas in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

I feel that the best bet is to include Win4Lin in the demonstration.
No, it is not free, but as a fall-back for programs that really, really
need Windows, it is perfect. Essentially it runs win98 in a X window.
Stay away from Wine and all programs that are based on Wine. I am
certain that Wine is a great achievement, but you don't want to
crash your computer when the bosses are looking.

No, I have no other relations with Netraverse than those of a very
satisfied customer.

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