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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: moving from Windows 2000 -> linux]

Hans Paijmans wrote:
Doug Loss wrote:

I'm forwarding this in the hope that we can collectively provide Marc
with some help.



My name is Marc Jackson.  I'm the systems admin at Ravenswood City School
Distirct.  I've proposed moving the school district from Microsoft to
I have to do a proof of concept.

Specifically, I need to run a lab with linux terminal services and provide
the following services in the lab:

A typing program.
A MS program, preferably Visio.
Authentication to a MS product/Active Directory.
Curriculum software which supports Literacy as it's main objective.

Any help/ideas in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

I feel that the best bet is to include Win4Lin in the demonstration.
No, it is not free, but as a fall-back for programs that really, really
need Windows, it is perfect. Essentially it runs win98 in a X window.
Stay away from Wine and all programs that are based on Wine. I am
certain that Wine is a great achievement, but you don't want to
crash your computer when the bosses are looking.

No, I have no other relations with Netraverse than those of a very
satisfied customer.

Win4lin does work very nicely. Last I used it we were able to set up the Win4lin session as the X window manager selectable from the xdm login, as well as a windows icon and menu choice on the standard X desktop. Windows 98 starts in about 3 seconds on a running linux system and applications run faster than on native windows 98, thanks to using the linux filesystem and memory management.

Apparently, recent versions of win4lin can run XP, and netraverse has some sort of windows terminal set up as well.

- cameron