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collaboration tools for primary schools (was: Re: [school-discuss] Converting 600 old laptops into K12LTSP thin clients for 1:1 ratio at a middle school)

Dirk Schouten wrote:

Hello Daniel, Maybe Site@School can make the pupils publishing power even greater. See below for URL's Our primary school also uses Site@School for pupils to publish their projects and to enable collaboration on projects. HTH Dirk

Our OSS/GPL projects:
- Site@School (CMS for elementary schools: http://siteatschool.sourceforge.net
- ServerAtSchool International: http://serveratschool.net
- ServerAtSchool Dutch: http://serveropschool.nl

Media Action Projects: http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/schoutd Now also in Japanese! Tools for Teachers: http://wyxs.net ----------------------------------------------------------------

Dirk, this looks fantastic for our kids to not only generate such content, but hopefully collaborate with other kids (we emphasize French as a second language at our primary school) at another school, perhaps even one in Europe, where a good number of our kids' families vacation in the summer. What a great way for kids to learn that the world is bigger than their neighborhood and learn at the same time.