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RE: [school-discuss] Looking for Youth/HS lugs or references

Yes, we also have a lot of younger members attending our meetings...we like 
building relationships early *GRIN*

However, they would like to start their own lug and we always help others 
get groups up and running.

If we can give them other groups and individuals to tap into for 
information on meeting ideas and alternatives, locations issues, dealing 
with school environments and administrative types, etc., perhaps their 
efforts will be more effective and perhaps they can learn from others' 
experiences with creating youth oriented user groups.

All help and leads are greatly appreciated.

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On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 11:02:35PM -0600, Christine wrote:
> We have a couple of HS age looking to start their own LUG...if anyone has 
> this type of group at their schools or in their community and has someone 
> our people could talk to about what to do at meetings, etc., please drop 
> a note.

In one of my previous LUGs we had several high school students in it.
They attended the meetings more than some of the adults :)  it was out
of a college so that may have had something to do with it. The kids
could start their own, or try to get on with an existing LUG and try to
branch out or such. (if that made any sense)

hopefully i didn't misunderstand the email.

Jennifer Dozar