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Re: [school-discuss] Hello - OSS in government

Chris Walker wrote:
I'm very happy to have found this type of resource. Let me introduce
myself a little. My name is Chris Walker. I work as a prevention
specialist in a large school district. I have a minor in computer
science and have followed the free software/open source movement since
about 1996. I've been very interested in the cultural/community issues
and topics raised by Linux and other OSS. I recently became interested
in OSS in schools, governments and non-profit groups. That's how I came
across this group.

Well, the main reason I'm writing is that a good friend of mine is a
state legistlator, and I have been trying to get him to "wrap his head"
around the idea of OSS in schools and government. Well, he has finally
come around and wants to take some action, possibly in the form of a
bill this year... and he wants me to help him.
I'm kinda feeling out of my league. I'm sure that if we don't do this
the right way, it will do more harm than good. I have read some of Tom
Adelstein's articles and interviews on the net, and I have seen him post
here a few times. I guess I was hoping that someone here might have a
contact email for Tom. I would really like an opportunity to talk with
someone who has "been there - done that" working with governments and
So, if you're out there, Tom, and wouldn't mind having a little
chit-chat, let me know.
Thanks for listening, feel free to contact me (christonw at networld dot

Chris Walker
A quick google turns up an email address for Tom here:


Hope that helps.

- cameron