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Re: [school-discuss] Hello - OSS in government

On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 11:11:22AM -0800, Michael Dean wrote:
> I think the California Performance Review inclusion of Linux or open 
> source was seminal.  I forwarded a 5 page  comment on this issue to  
> them during the open comment period.  We are trying to get schools and 
> nonprofits to adapt open source in the Bay Area.  Please keep me posted.

If I get out to that meeting (which I hope to), since I now live in
Mtn View, I'll be going through Martinez to get to Davis, so I might be
able to offer you a ride.

Two of our other members (currently vice president and secretary)
currently live in Dublin, and make meetings regularly.  They're stepping
down from their positions since they MIGHT be moving, but they'd also
be going through Martinez to get out that way, so they might be able to
get you there, too. :)

Also, once these guys have spoken locally (Davis, which is very near
the state capital, Sacramento), I'm hoping to convince them to come speak
in San Jose at SVLUG. :)

Sorry for the noise... posting here rather than privately, in case there
are other northern Californians listening. ;)

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