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Re: [school-discuss] Required : Desktop Linux user manual

On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 12:59:16PM +0530, Arjun Asthana wrote:
> Do we have a small Linux user manual (about 10 to 20 pages) to be given to 
> teachers of schools on their initiation to Linux?

I can't answer this, but I have a few comments...

Really, it would depend mostly on the desktop environment being used
(i.e., KDE vs GNOME vs a light window manager like IceWM or FVWM).

However, something that covered some typical applications used in such
environments would be good.  For example, a very basic overview of how to
use the various parts of OpenOffice.org, Mozilla/Firefox and/or Konqueror,
Thunderbird and/or Evolution and/or KMail, etc...

> The manual needs to explain only the desktop part of Linux usage, so that 
> teachers will not find it problamatic to use desktop Linux.

Oh, so maybe strike what I said above. :^)

> I'll be using Knoppix 3.6 to provide hands on training to the teachers (and 
> interested students).

Ah, well in this case, you'd want a "how to get around KDE" document.
This might even already exist, over at the KDE project itself.

Ooh!  These, for example:

  KDE User Guide

    "This guide is intended to be a detailed overview of
    the basic workings of KDE (moving windows around, navigating
    directories, etc)."


  KDE Quick Start Guide

    "This guide is intended to get you up and running with KDE in the
    shortest time possible."

I hope that helps!  Good luck!

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