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[school-discuss] ESL and OSS (was Hello - OSS in government)

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the reply. I'm a bit to the east of you here in Utah, thanks for the invite though. And I will check the local LUG's in my area. I also checked out your quotes/news site thanks for the link you've got some good stuff there.

Putting the gov't stuff aside for a minute, one problem I would like to solve is how to effectively teach k-12 subjects to English language learners.

Helping the ESL (Spanish/English) students keep up especially in literacy is one of the biggest hurdles in Utah K-12 education. An idea that I would like to see implemented is an Open Source - Open Content solution to learn English and/or literacy at the K-12 level.

Is anyone aware of projects that could be used to teach ESL or literacy in a K-12 environment? (see PS below)

Thanks again,
Chris Walker

I've been looking around for the last week or so. It looks like this problem has two parts "content" and "vehicle" I'd like to share a couple of links I've found so far that looks promising.

I was very impressed by the OpenACS community and the .LRN (www.dotlrn.com) project at MIT but it is geared to higher education but it could be adapted. Also it seems to be BYOC (bring your own content).

The Creative Commons (www.creativecommons.org) and Open Textbook movements seem to have huge potential in providing content that truly "wants to be free." One good link that you may already be familiar with is http://www.k12os.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=47
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