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Re: [school-discuss] ESL and OSS (was Hello - OSS in government)

On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 09:31, chris walker wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Thanks for the reply. I'm a bit to the east of you here in 
> Utah, thanks for the invite though. And I will check the 
> local LUG's in my area. I also checked out your 
> quotes/news site thanks for the link you've got some good 
> stuff there.
> Putting the gov't stuff aside for a minute, one problem I 
> would like to solve is how to effectively teach k-12 
> subjects to English language learners.

There is a program called LingoTeach <http://www.lingoteach.org/> which
might do what you're looking for.  However, I have never used it, and I
wasn't aware of its existence until today, so I make no claims about it.

If you implement LingoTeach or any other such computer-based language
teaching program, I think you would first want the computers to be
equally accessible to those who speak any language.  My experience
(which is admittedly a bit dated) is that, at least with the KDE desktop
and KDE applications, it is *much* easier to support multiple languages
on one computer under Linux than under Windows.  I don't know how
Linux/KDE compares to MacOS X in this regard, but at first glance
Linux/KDE looks superior.

Lincoln Peters

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