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Re: [school-discuss] Which is the fastest Desktop distro for schools?

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 12:21:39PM +0200, Michael Shigorin wrote:
> Packaging is distilled experience of building, tuning and using
> software.  It's reusable experience.

BTW -- a nice example is GNOME2.8 availability for/with
Slackware: GNOME has complicated component interdependencies
mirroring quite wide code reuse and while it's viable effort to
maintain it packaged, doing a "wild" way without tracking real
dependencies is a major PITA.  So Patrick dropped it out.

Please note that big-chunked software is no good for disk space,
download time/traffic, and overall security of installed
codebase.  And thus fine-grained software packaging is for good,
but it does require proper package management tools.

I've seen people inventing some home-grown scripted solutions
with mobile gear industry -- they couldn't port RPM to Tru64 and
decided that it will take less grief to reimplement some part of
its functionality -- but they understood it wasn't the real
solution.  And the level of the problem was "smart container"
(rpm/deb), not "advanced dependency tracking" (apt).

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