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[school-discuss] powering on K12LTSP network after power glitch

One of the interesting issues we're seeing as we deploy 3-5 clients and one server to each classroom is that the electrical power in our school apparently glitches more often that we suspected, and inevitably the clients try to boot before the server has fully rebooted, and the clients end up booting from their hard disk in that awful proprietary mode. While we're going to focus on showing the teachers how to reboot their classroom K12LTSP networks, I was wondering whether it would be possible to have a script at the end of the server boot sequence that sends a reboot command to all clients. I think most computers can be set in the BIOS now to autopower on when power is detected, so that fix plus the addition of the aforementioned script would make it so the system always comes up w/o requiring teachers to manually reboot anything.