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[school-discuss] Support a Schoolforge Member's Project: Vote for Net Dispenser

Dear Schoolforgers,

You have probably noticed the Crossword Puzzle Builder on
Schoolforge.net built by long-time Schoolforge member Charles Cossé.
If not, have a look at
https://schoolforge.net/education-software-download/crossword-builderand go to
his site, http://www.asymptopia.org, from there.  The Crossword
Builder is just
one of many free and open source projects Charles has built over the

Now that his kids are growing up, he has a new project, a homework
minder called "Net Dispenser" by which parents can "dispense" amounts
of net-time to their children remotely via the net.  Conceived and
executed with no small amount of deadpan (self-depricating) humor, to
me, the Net Dispenser perfectly captures a parent's
love-discipline-balance challenge.

Always thinking of the next step, Charles has entered the "Net
Dispenser" in the "TechStart:Code Challenge" at
http://arrowheadcenter.nmsu.edu/techstart.  If he were to get enough
votes, he would get some funding and consulting on how to shape the

There are three things I want to ask schoolforgers to consider doing:

First, have a good look at Charles's Net Dispenser at
http://asymptopia.com/ -- he has not only set up videos, but he's also
created a demo.

Secondly, vote for it on http://arrowheadcenter.nmsu.edu/techstart

I just did.

Third, consider whether this project might be one of the efforts (the
first?) we could rally around by contributing to it, telling people
about it and teaching about it.  Of course, you can't begin to answer
that without checking it out, so please start with 1 and 2 and then
get back to the list.

Thank you!


91 Suthisan, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
Thailand: 084 329 1183; 02 693 8144
Outside Thailand: +66 84 329 1183 (cell); +66 2 693 8144

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