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Re: [school-discuss] Mac Linux network install failure

Am Thursday 10 October 2002 22:50 schrieben Sie:
> Les Richardson wrote:
> > These kind of things point out the fact that 3 things are
> > required: a) Hardware
> > b) Software
> > c) People trained to use them.
> >
> > Like a three legged stool, the lack of any one and the whole
> > thing falls over.
> > [snip]
> Yup.  I have decided that I could save a lot of time if I started a
> LUG at our school/church.

Real people to talk to, to ask, and to learn from are necessary 
indeed. I had some clever and very lazy people around me when I 
started to use Linux. They pointed me to the standard resources again 
and again: man pages, HOWTOs, newsgroups and IRC. A LUG helps a lot 
to adapt to the DIY oriented procedures of acquiring information the 
Free Software approach provides. It can prevent "shortsighted" 
beginners from ignoring them, which is happening far too often.

Good idea.

- Burkhard

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