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Re: [school-discuss] Mac Linux network install failure

Don't underestimate the effectiveness of interest and enthusiasm.  Students 
can/will learn faster than most expect if it's in an area of 
interest.  Maybe a bit of training and providing ideas and shepherding will 
be needed, but I'd predict that likely the students and other interested 
persons will help each other learn, provide feedback, ideas, and you'll 
have to step lively to stay out of their way!  Let them learn - and they'll 
soon be the teachers/trainers themselves.  Of course expertise and 
experience that you and other LUG folks have accumulated is valuable and 
will jump-start newcomers.  Keep us posted on the good results!

At 04:50 PM 10/10/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Les Richardson wrote:
> >
> > These kind of things point out the fact that 3 things are required:
> > a) Hardware
> > b) Software
> > c) People trained to use them.
> >
> > Like a three legged stool, the lack of any one and the whole thing falls
> > over.
> >
> > The hardware is now easy. Almost anything can function as an X terminal.
> >
> > The software we're working on, although documentation would probably fall
> > into the gray zone.
> >
> > What about the training... now that is the hard part. What about the Unix
> > philosophy? What about free software and GPL? These are the foundation
> > stones on which things are built.
> >
> > But who can we educate about these things?..... Let's talk to students.
>Yup.  I have decided that I could save a lot of time if I started a LUG
>I've never attended a LUG meeting though, so this is new territory for
>me.  There are several LUGs in my neighborhood, but they always have
>meetings at a time that I am not able to attend.
>My strategy is to hold monthly meetings.  One of my buddies or I would
>present some training material on a selected topic.  We'd open LUG
>membership to all interested people, but especially students and staff.
>After each presentation, we could throw out ideas for how to use the
>material covered in new and interesting ways.  Then maybe one of the
>attendees would volunteer to work on the project, and one of the guru's
>would shepherd him (or her) along.
>One downside to this is that it will require MORE of my attention in the
>short term.