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Re: [school-discuss] TAET Fall Convention

On Tue, 07 Oct 2003 16:24:33 -0500
"Marilyn Hagle" <Marilyn.Hagle@gpisd.org> wrote:

      Texas Association for Educational Technology Fall Convention
      October 23 - 25
      Galveston, Texas
      I am preparing for a short presentation on "Linux in Education" and
      thought I would ask the list members for ideas.  The audience will
      probably have little or no knowledge of Linux/OpenSource Software.  I
      plan to focus on my experiences, but it seems to me that I should give
      some sort of brief overview of what other educators are doing as well.
      I plan to pass out Knoppix & Freeduc CDs and also literature.
      I will tell them about SchoolForge, of course.

      Ideas, other websites??  Any info would be appreciated.      


Please if you distribute and apreciate Freeduc-cd, tell about OFSET
(http://www.ofset.org). We are spending a lot of energy writing software
for education (not only Freeduc-cd), so please give the credit, we need
support (moral and financial) to keep the good work 


Hilaire Fernandes
Let's support Kids, Education and Free Software
Aidons les Enfants, l'Éducation et les Logiciels Libres