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Re: [school-discuss] TAET Fall Convention

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 19:04, Marilyn Hagle wrote:
> Harry,
> Wow, you can send me CDs?  I will paypal the cost to you - just
> let me know how much.  That's great!  Plus, I promise to include
> a section on OSEF and OFSET in the literature.  

Cd will be sent FedEX tommorow (will email a tracking number off list).
Anyone else interested in a few?  We have maybe another couple of
hundred left from NECC & Linux World.   OSEF paid to have 5,000 pressed
and printed.  At that number, cost was about $0.82 each, including the
printed sleave.

We are of course intersted in donations, but not really interested in
"selling" the CDs persay... I know that sounds strange, and part of that
is due to IRS issues.

If there is enough demand/ability to offset the cost, I can see doing a
printing twice/year, or so.


> Marilyn
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> Marilyn Hagle
> 11426 NW Co Rd 2250
> Blooming Grove, TX  76626
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