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Re: [school-discuss] SIF versus other initiatives

> I agree that we should ignore SIF  and work on open source
> applications. As Les said:

This just gives me a bad taste. Microsoft is pushing their software with
SIF aware applications etc. Now schools if you want to believe it or not
happen to listen to microsoft even when they should not. This means
schools even those looking at open source will look for this technology
in the open source community and wont find it. This means they will say
ohh well we can go with MS they provide what we *NEED* (That need is a
what we think we need provided by the MS Educational Marketing group.
Mind you they have a much bigger advertising budget then open source

I think its time to stop thinking as a individual developer and look at
what can help the schools in the long run. Quit being a developer of one
application and allow us to be developers of the future education.
School Infrastructure is important if you want to believe it or not. SIF
while originally backed by SIIA (which scares me too) is a good step in
the right direction.

I will take my comments from this forum now because apparently I see
things in a different light then others do.

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