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Re: [school-discuss] SIF versus other initiatives

> Please don't.  I think a working open-source ZIS would be quite useful.
> I think the questions Tom has are useful to consider but for me they don't make a case against an open-source ZIS at all.
> Are the SIF schemas an ZIS communication protocol specifications proprietary or open?

Open as far as I am aware. I know SIF has been released from SIIA
control which is good news and is now its own non-profit org. I also
know that the Department of Education has jumped into the SIF
organization as well. So will probably see a push for SIF aware apps
soon by the DoE. 
> I do know that the development of new schemas seems to be a process limited to members ($$) of SIF.  This is unfortunate.

Yeah I am pondering the thought of getting together a group of open
source developers and creating a non-profit that can then join the SIF
working groups to attempt to let the OSS developers have a voice in this
as well

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