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Re: [school-discuss] OpenZIS agent testing?

les@celery.richtech.ca wrote:


If the OpenZIS code is functional, will anyone host the application, so
that we could do SIF Agent testing against it?

Les Richardson
Open Admin


I'll bring this up with the board on Monday at the Open Source Software Institute. From there, we can ask for resources from the University.

As far as using a non-profit organization to join SIF, I volunteer OSSI which would find the funding on behalf of School Forge or whatever entity you want.

We're a 501 C 6 and this is our job - to find funds for projects like this.

If you or anyone can provide something in writing that I can present to our sponsors, I'll go after the money.

We've been very fortunate in these areas in finding funds with no strings attached .

You have all provided a persuasive set of assertions. I just don't want to see this turn into an OpenDCE or Open Exchange project where the demand turns out to be zero.

If this is going to fly, then I want to get our people involved in funding and providing developers.

our homepage is http://oss-institute.org