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Re: [school-discuss] OpenZIS agent testing?

Hi Tom,

> I'll bring this up with the board on Monday at the Open Source Software 
> Institute. From there, we can ask for resources from the University.

Does anyone know if the ZIS code from Sun works? This is step 1. If so,
then we can get it up and working (even if only limping along....)

> As far as using a non-profit organization to join SIF, I volunteer OSSI 
> which would find the funding on behalf of School Forge or whatever 
> entity you want.

This would then allow compliance testing of Open ZIS. The question
being.... against what? Does SIF have test suites, etc for  certification?

My main interest is of course to build a SIF Agent for Open Admin. 
(since I'm sort of being forced to have a SIF subset in place by Sept 
2004 in any case). In order to do testing, I'm going to have to have 
something to "bounce XML against".  From my perspective, Agent 
development and ZIS development go hand in hand. I've been in denial...

Lots of self interest on my part...

> If you or anyone can provide something in writing that I can present to 
> our sponsors, I'll go after the money.

Who can write something? I'm only one person and not really a member of
anything. Can anyone speak for an organization?

Les Richardson