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Re: [school-discuss] OpenZIS agent testing?

Hi Matt,

> > Does anyone know if the ZIS code from Sun works? This is step 1. If so,
> > then we can get it up and working (even if only limping along....)
> The sif code works partialy the sun implementation is on the sif 1.0r1
> spec and it does not store any database objects everything is in
> hashtables so it will lose everything if you restart the server etc...

Hmmm.... not so good. I've been reading over the SIF docs and was
immediately struck with the similarity to a Mail server and it's mail
queue requirements (ie. QMail) Since I'll be needing a per school queue on
the Agent side it would be nice to see how its going to be implemented to
make sure that things don't get "LOST" in the event of any kind of
hardware failure, etc. I'm going to be implementing in Perl and you in
Java (I assume), but the basic approach could be similar.