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Re: [school-discuss] OpenZIS agent testing?

> Does anyone know if the ZIS code from Sun works? This is step 1. If so,
> then we can get it up and working (even if only limping along....)

The sif code works partialy the sun implementation is on the sif 1.0r1
spec and it does not store any database objects everything is in
hashtables so it will lose everything if you restart the server etc...

> This would then allow compliance testing of Open ZIS. The question
> being.... against what? Does SIF have test suites, etc for  certification?

The OpenZIS Group has been started just have not put together all the
needed docs but can look at other methods of doing this as well. But a
group has been started only its me right now because have not had any
time to really put out a lot of info yet.

> Who can write something? I'm only one person and not really a member of
> anything. Can anyone speak for an organization?

I can put something together what are you seeking a proposal for funding
kinda thing? Since I am the owner now of the OpenZIS code persay and I
have the Sun code all released under the GPL to me from EduStructures.

> Les Richardson

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