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Re: [school-discuss] OpenZIS agent testing?

matt@bluelinux.org wrote:
Does anyone know if the ZIS code from Sun works? This is step 1. If so,
then we can get it up and working (even if only limping along....)

The sif code works partialy the sun implementation is on the sif 1.0r1
spec and it does not store any database objects everything is in
hashtables so it will lose everything if you restart the server etc...

This would then allow compliance testing of Open ZIS. The question
being.... against what? Does SIF have test suites, etc for  certification?

The OpenZIS Group has been started just have not put together all the
needed docs but can look at other methods of doing this as well. But a
group has been started only its me right now because have not had any
time to really put out a lot of info yet.

Who can write something? I'm only one person and not really a member of
anything. Can anyone speak for an organization?

I can put something together what are you seeking a proposal for funding
kinda thing? Since I am the owner now of the OpenZIS code persay and I
have the Sun code all released under the GPL to me from EduStructures.

The kind of document we need at OSSI would indicate the need for an open source project in schools and the resources required. Since this involves a standard, we would want to get involved. The standard reaches a horizontal demographic versus a verticle. So that's good.

I see two sources of potential funding, which include University researchers and commercial companies.

A cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) would interest commercial companies like IBM and HP and a Government agency like the DOD. Since SIF appears to be something headed down the Microsoft path, I don't think we could interest Intel and other funding vehicles who don't care that much about OSS development if it doesn't sell hardware.

At the University level, we would look for a school that has a hunger for research dollars. Our first stop would include the University where we make our home. To peak their interest, we need to provide a compelling story to a Vice President who generally understands Open Source, has a high interest in it and still doesn't know much about the community. Fortunately, we're dealing with a University which started as a Teacher's College, so they have a mature education department.

The potential for funding at the University can come from existing projects, projects in the process of funding or finding funds within a Univeristy alliance.

Ultimately, the University would want to set up a lab and hire some graduate students to work with the project.

We don't need to start from scratch with this document as a funding proposal, we just need to expalin why SIF is a "good idea" for OSSI to get involved and then we'll take the same document to our sponsors.

We have a large funding project in process that has an ear mark for appropriation from Congress. Even so, it may get delayed because of the current Congressional budget. If it comes through, we would see funds at the earliest in February.

In the meantime, we can get infrastructure support and human resources at the University level for this project. As far as fees for the project, we could find an existing project with which to align.

If this message isn't clear enough let me know.


Les Richardson