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Re: [school-discuss] OpenZIS agent testing?

> Hmmm.... not so good. I've been reading over the SIF docs and was
> immediately struck with the similarity to a Mail server and it's mail
> queue requirements (ie. QMail) Since I'll be needing a per school queue on
> the Agent side it would be nice to see how its going to be implemented to
> make sure that things don't get "LOST" in the event of any kind of
> hardware failure, etc. I'm going to be implementing in Perl and you in
> Java (I assume), but the basic approach could be similar.

I will be doing the database work soon and droping the hash tables. At
that point the messages go into the que and I am assuming you will have
more of a "PULL" agent that will pull the messages from the ZIS server.
Once the database objects are done the messages are not removed from the
server until the agent follows up with a SIF_Ack success code. At that
point the messages are removed from the db. Same now with the hashtables
just if the app server went down right now then the hashtables are lost.

I will be implementing the db soon.

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