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Re: [school-discuss] recommended distro of Linux for PIII/600 MHz older PCs

You might have a look at Puppy Linux. It runs from RAM, so it requires at least 128MB of RAM. But I've found it to be quite fast even on 200mhz Pentiums. It uses Abiword in its default configuration, but there are several spinoffs and other packages that can be added, so I'd think you could get where you want with a little bit of customization work, which you'd probably be doing with any distro.


Daniel Howard wrote:
Another thing we're contemplating at Brandon when we get all new thin clients as part of the district pilot rollout of K12LTSP is to take some of the existing systems that are PIII/600 MHz or better, install a distro of Linux, and donate them to Brandon families that don't have a computer at home, or don't have one the kids can use. Can anyone recommend a distro of Linux that would be fast enough on these older PCs, yet could still run Firefox, OpenOffice, Tuxtypes, etc. reasonably well?