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Re: [school-discuss] Downloads: Provide FTP or HTTP?

On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 09:38:04AM -0600, Les Richardson wrote:
> I will run up an FTP daemon

I can recommend vsftpd, it's fast and secure so far.

> and provide an ftp download.

Actually there's not much difference, e.g. wget -c will resume
download if HTTP server supports Range:, and with any sane FTP
server I've stumbled upon.  Browsers tend to be just not
recommended download agents with slack connection (I kind of
remember 2400 to 33600 days...).

Maybe pointing that out more clearly ("use wget or any resuming
download manager you can find -- please NOT FlashGet with 1000
threads which will just hurt -- if you've got an unstable
internet connection") would help more than fiddling with FTP,
provided you're using proper HTTPD.

Ah, and there were spectacular "hangups" with IE5/6 and FTP --
weird timeouts for dozens of seconds with browser window not
responding at all until something, then behaving normally.
Not a firewall/proxy issue as Mozilla aside would work just 
fine with the same or even imported settings.

running ftp.linux.kiev.ua
since 2003