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Re: [school-discuss] What to ask?

Hello Doug,

My name is Teprine Baldo.  I am new to school forge. 
I am a student in educational technology.  I have been
focusing on the integration of technology in schools
with a particular focus on the culture of the

I would totally have a few questions.

1.  Do the policies for implementation of technologies
take into account the realities of the needs of
teachers on the ground level?
2. Are the students learning technology from a Western
viewpoint, meaning have the softwares that are being
used been localized to the swahili culture?
3.  Has implementation been successful on the ground,
or is it just what the documents are telling us?

I have a million other questions, but I think that is
enough.  Let me know if I am totally in left field

Thank you
Teprine Baldo

--- Doug Loss <drloss@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello everyone.  Most of you will remember me, I
> hope. :)  I have some 
> interesting information and a request for you to
> discuss.
> I will be visiting Johannesburg, South Africa for
> about a week at the 
> end of February.  While I'm there I will meet Edward
> Holcroft from 
> NetDay South Africa (http://www.netday.org.za/) and
> see some of their 
> installations ( Hi Ed! :) ).  I've contacted various
> magazines about 
> writing articles on this visit in the hope of
> defraying some of my 
> expenses and had some interest from Linux Magazine,
> Phi Beta Kappan, 
> Converge Magazine, and From Now On.
> I plan to write different articles for each
> magazine, specific to their 
> needs and expectations about what their readers
> would like to read.  
> What I would like you to discuss and guide me on is
> just what questions 
> you would like me to ask, and what areas to explore,
> with NetDay, with 
> the students, teachers, and administrators of the
> schools they've 
> installed networks in, and perhaps with others you
> might think of.  (Ed, 
> don't worry, this won't evolve into a week-long time
> sink. :)  I'll keep 
> things moving in a spritely manner.)
> Thanks for your guidance, folks!
> Doug Loss

Teprine Baldo 
  Bleu Rouge Productions
  (514) 201-7801
  (514) 522-3168

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