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Re: [school-discuss] openvpn bootable cd

Hi Richard,

I'll be writing up a howto article and releasing it internally to spread as much knowledge around here as possible.  I will then go through a vetting process with the powers that be and release as much as possible back out into the wild.  Obviously being security related there will be information about what I actually did than can NOT be released (actual keys and such CAN NOT be released and have the security of the system remain uncompromised...of course the keys can be changed :) hehehe)  There has been some talk about presenting this method to the entire district so that will be interesting to see how they take it (assuming I can get the client side to do what I actually intend it to do...).

On 10/4/06, Richard Houston <rhouston@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
That is very cool. I like that idea for remote date people. They can vpn
in with the openvpn client and do there work with out having to set them
up with a laptop and or there home system with access to your remote

Will this be an open project or just for internal use?

Best regards,