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Re: [school-discuss] Portable applications & VPN services


On 10/11/06, Chris Gregan <cgregan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Would this be something like a USB stick booting a VPN enable Linux
distro that would then mount a drive?

Don't know.

That might be easier than all the
programming overhead that would have to go on using a USB drive as a VPN

Or it might be harder...probably have to try both and see :)

I believe a discussion just happened here about a VPN
live CD.

If you are referring to what I'm doing it's not even made it to a howto stage for public consumption.  Although I suppose one could make a "generic" VPN live CD there would be a great deal of security issues and policies to work out before you even began to go very far.

Could this be modified to boot from USB and mount a specified
/home folder after setting up a VPN connection?

Most likely...I'm currently using a modified DSL [damn small linux] image for what I'm doing and that fits into about 60 Meg.  I don't know if DSL can be modified to boot from USB and it may not be necessary if you use QEMU.  My mind is currently churning on how this type of set up can be used to create secure ltsp setups...however that's only in my mind at this moment.