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Good idea.

I'm running the Open Source lab at NECC in Atlanta--I wonder if that
would be a good time for us to connect in person.

I've thought a lot about doing a video on Linux thin client and its
benefits as a promotional piece.  Want to talk by phone next week?


On 10/4/06, aaron <aaron@xxxxxx> wrote:
> (Sorry for the repost - the first try got a little mangled)
> On Monday 02 October 2006 20:19, Steve Hargadon wrote:
> > On November 7th, from 7:00 - 8:30 pm, at the Plano ISD Sockwell Center
> > (just outside of Dallas), I'll be speaking on the use of Free and Open
> > Source Software in K-12 schools.  This is free and open to the public.
> >  Details are available at http://edtechlive.wikispaces.com/Workshops.
> >
> > I will cover the use of Linux, Open Office, and many other programs
> > that can be used by K-12 schools to decrease their software licensing
> > costs, provide stable computing solutions, and introduce students to
> > collaborative programming.  I run the Open Source labs for the CUE.org
> > and NECC ed tech shows, am currently working on a book for ISTE on
> > this topic, and have a weekly web radio show on educational technology
> > at EdTechLive.com.
> >
> > I'm looking for other school or district venues where you think this
> > topic would be well-received, and to see if I might be able to
> > demonstrate enough interest to find a sponsor for a more national
> > tour.  Please let me know if you feel your local school community
> > might be interested in this type of a presentation.
> >
> > Thank you.
> > --
> > Steve Hargadon
> While the advantages of face to face dialog make this a preferred means of
> delivering information, the related costs of flights, accommodations, per
> diem and such can be pretty intensive. In the case of your Open Source
> educational presentations, distributing the message through other means may
> be in order, especially given the nature of the content, the common
> limitations of educational budgets and the potential of reaching a much
> broader audience through electronic media delivery.
> I would politely suggest that you could have the presentation video taped and
> edited together with your graphics media / computer slides for an effective
> yet inexpensive distribution on DVD.  If you can arrange for a competent
> volunteer with a mini DV camera and a Mac OS X box to do the work, the
> production cost for useful material could be minimal. Even if you needed to
> hire a professional for the prodcution work, the per unit delivery cost could
> still be very affordable, especially when compared to personal appearances.
> I have done this kind of media work frequently (for more years than I care to
> admit) and I have an intimate knowledge of both the requirements and the
> caveates. I would be more than happy to consult with you further by phone or
> off-list email. Depending on your design and distribution plans, I would also
> consider volunteering some pro-bono production editing work should you find
> the DVD video distribution idea attractive.
> As additional explanation for my reply on this list and the volunteer offer, I
> can note that I'm an active Linux Evangelist of several years, presently
> serving as moderator for the main meeting of the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
> group, <ale.org>. I'm also an acquaintance of Daniel Howard and William
> Fragakis (hey guys!), and am currently assisting with some of the Atlanta
> Area LTSP K12 installations which their very successful efforts at Morris
> Brandon elementary have inspired.
> peace
> Aaron Ruscetta
> Image Architects
> Atlanta, GA
> 404.315-0406
> > steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> > 916-899-1400 direct
> > www.SteveHargadon.com - (Blog on Educational Technology)
> > www.K12OpenSource.com (Public Wiki)
> > November 6 & 7, Plano, TX:  Two-day intensive Moodle Training with
> > Michelle Moore
> > November 6 & 7, Plano, TX:  Two one-day workshops on the use of blogs,
> > wikis, and podcasting in the classroom with Andrew Pass
> >
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