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Re: [school-discuss] bootable Cd's? -- How about one for Halloween and Trick or Treaters

On a cautionary note - If a trick-or-treater takes one of these cd's home, tries it out, and leaves the cd in the drive.. the parents may be in for a little spook when they power the system up to do some work. :)  As long as the parents know what the cd is (perhaps suggest reading up on it at www.edu-nix.org before trying it), what it does, and that it doesn't touch the hard drive - there wont be any ghastly trips to the local computer repair shop to figure out what the fanged vampire penguin has done to their precious windows.  It seems simple enough, as removing the cd would get them going again - but the idea of a Live CD  would be relatively new to many of these people and I could see some confusion occurring.

On 10/4/06, Mark Rauterkus <Mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:

Can someone make or suggest a CD image for Trick-or-treat handouts?