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Re: [school-discuss] Portable applications & VPN services

A combo of the two is probably the most flexible since few older PCs support USB boot options. Having a Live CD provided at low cost, then perhaps selling school branded USB drives for a small profit to cover the CD duplication, would be an excellent approach for a school with a limited budget.

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Justin Riddiough wrote:
I like the original idea of using a USB stick. If someone couldn't connect to the VPN folder from some location (firewall rules, no access, etc,) there could possibly be a sync / temporary working file space set up on the USB stick. Which would mean users could still use the portable apps without having to rely on a local drive to save information, and when possible, the benefits of the VPN drive.

On 10/11/06, *Chris Gregan* <cgregan@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:cgregan@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I guess since it would start out as a live cd, it could stay a cd. Then
    you could have a tool where students would get an iso image or CD that
    would log on from any PC with just a reboot. Save the cost of a USB