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Re: [school-discuss] Re: Student-oriented Windows freeware... 150 & counting....

> This project is part of building a 'demo' box for the school I'm working
> with. It's already been set up to dual-boot & will install Edubuntu or
> Vector Linux as well.

Very cool, Lee!

> The number of "educational" apps listed at the Edubuntu site is a bit
> thin, so if it turns out to be the case that Edubuntu is slow & thin on
> equivalent applications (Jahshaka, Avidemux, etc.) I might opt for
> trialing a different distro, preferably one with WINE support.

I would suggest adding automatix to the Edububtu setup which will add a
wack of extra programs, if you want then, two of which is Wine and

see: www.getautomatix.com for setup and more info.

Also very nice list of apps. Can you resend your blogs address? Could I
bother you to keep us informed as to when you do update it?

Thanks Lee