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[school-discuss] Open Source and Education Conference - Sydney Australia Jan07


I am organizing this year's Open Source and Education mini-conference at the Australian National Linux conference (linux.conf.au 2007) in Sydney NSW Australia. I wanted to extend an invitation to everyone on this mailing list to speak at this FOSS and Education gathering. Last year, we had an incredible group of speakers from all over the world and I am hoping we can do even better this year. If you have ever wanted to travel to Sydney, this could be your chance!

The details and call for presentations at the mini-conference can be viewed at:


	The general conference website is:


Unfortunately, there is still no money available to assist with travel but the good news is that speakers no longer need register for the main conference - though you are encouraged to do so! If you have recommendations for other people that I should invite, please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Bryant Patten
White Nitro, LLC


About linux.conf.au 2007

linux.conf.au is Australia's annual technical conference for the Open Source
and Free Software developer community. Now in its eighth year, linux.conf.au
is regarded as one of the premier global FLOSS technical events and attracts
many international open source software developers and users.

Returning to Sydney from the 15th to 20th of January, linux.conf.au 2007 is
supported by our Emperor sponsors, HP and IBM, and hosted at the University
of New South Wales. For more information about linux.conf.au 2007 visit our
website at: http://lca2007.linux.org.au/

About Linux Australia

Linux Australia exists to serve and promote the Australian Linux and Open
Source community. The organisation aims to do this best by taking
enthusiasms within the community, such as FOSS issues, projects, education,
advocacy just to name a few, and help them flourish, to succeed. The
lifeblood of this organisation is the people in the community, and Linux
Australia strives to be both relevant and useful to the community. For more
details about Linux Australia visit: http://www.linux.org.au/