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Re: [school-discuss] looking for open source technology to write about it.

2015-10-05 22:26 GMT+02:00 Christopher Whittum <cdwhittum@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> I know that this is primarily for people who need technical support or
> advice, but I need an idea.  I have been writing a blog, Energize Education
> through Open Source (see the link in my signature line), initially to
> promote my book of the same name, but the blog has developed into a means
> through which I evaluate, write about and promote open source technology.
> If you check out the site, you can see what I've done and read some of my
> work.  Currently I am in need of a topic about which to write.  It can be
> software, hardware or both, so long as it is open source.  The article may
> be used for promotional purposes by the developers of the product in
> question.

Hi, I am maintaining a website where students can practice accounting
with a double entry system. It is completely based on free software
and available here: http://learndoubleentry.org.

The blog contains some examples and exercises.


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