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Re: [school-discuss] virtual tour of 1930s Harlem---> http://www.computer.org/cga/homepage/2002/n5/g5061.htm

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 09:43:16AM -0500, mike eschman wrote:
> > OK, don't tease. How about putting a link in the body of the message?
> the url is in the subject line.

Yep, it is.

BUT - most Linux email clients won't display it because your subject line
is waaaaay too long.  Examples are Exmh, MH, elm, mutt, and pine.

Granted there is some variation dependent on screen res, font size etc,
but mostly people will never see it.

A good standard practice is to always put URL's on a line by themselves
in the body of the email.

That way people can select the whole line with a simple double (or triple)
click depending on X-configuration) and zoom off to it.

I don't do this in my sig because it already too long. :) 

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