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[school-discuss] Long subject lines

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 12:07:45PM -0400, jkinz@rcn.com wrote:
> > the url is in the subject line.
> Yep, it is.
> BUT - most Linux email clients won't display it because your subject line
> is waaaaay too long.  Examples are Exmh, MH, elm, mutt, and pine.

Just Noticed Exmh does a good job of displaying long subject lines
"after" you open the email so we can take Exmh off the list, but as has
always been true - long subject lines don't work in most email clients

Also in Exmh when  the email is open the url in the subject line is 
displayed after the rest of the subject line in a place where it is 
not expected to be, so people may never see it there.

> A good standard practice is to always put URL's on a line by themselves
> in the body of the email.
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Always a good idea.

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