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[school-discuss] [Fwd: FSF Europe Free Software in Education initiative]

I just received this from Christian Selig, and am forwarding it to this list
in the hope and expectation that people here will be interested in joining and
helping out.

Christian Selig wrote:

> Hello Doug,
> at the Free Software Foundation Europe, we have established an educational
> task force. The idea is to exchange information on Free Software activities
> in Europe, thus creating a network which is a bit more localized to Europe.
> My announcement on edu-eu@gnu.org:
> -- snip
> Hello all,
> to speed up and increase communication in the educational field, we have
> created an educational task force, currently consisting of me, Hilaire
> Fernandes and others. Our goals are:
> - networking Free Software in Education efforts, thus avoiding duplication
> of efforts (i.e., there are three databases with free edu software)
> - spreading information about Free Software in Education
> - spreading information about the importance of software freedoms
> - (you name it)
> If you want to be part of this effort (which means that you are devoted to
> it, not just observing), we have some requirements:
> - experience with GNU/Linux, Free Software and education
> - a clear "No" to non-free software
> - advantageous: previous work in that field
> - you should live in Europe (i.e. NA, India and China have their own FSF
> educational efforts, so please join them if you live there)
> The task force can be reached via edu-team@fsfeurope.org .
> <mailto:edu-team@fsfeurope.org.>
> -- snap
> Currently, we have contacts in Germany, France, Italy, Finland and the UK.
> I hope that we can find ways to receive EU funding and get in touch with
> politicians.
> I would be very thankful if you included a notice in your next SEUL/edu
> report.
> Bye,
>   Christian

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