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Re: [school-discuss] Linuxconf

> > >Most of what linuxconf did has been replaced by GUI programs in

> > RedHat 7.3. As
> > >root, click on "Start Here", then "System Settings". If you
> > root, it
> > >will ask for a password. These tools have come a long way; very

> > >-Doug
>> >     On another note, in RedHat7.2 I used linuxconf all the
> > I've
>> > upgraded to 7.3, only to find that linuxconf is gone. Does
> > anybody
>> > know how to do in 7.3 what linuxconf used to do?

Webmin is good.  Install the rpm, make sure the webmin service is
running, and go to http://yourhostname.whatever.com:10000

This works both from the local machine (even in links/lynx, if you
don't have X) and from another box on the network.

Red Hat deprecated linuxconf because it had too many serious
security issues.

Jeff Nelson