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[school-discuss] EU IDA: OSS Competence Workshop Proceedings

IDA (Interchange of Data Between Administrations) is a European 
programme using advances in information and communication technology to 
support electronic exchange of information between public 
administrations across Europe. Its objective is to set-up and manage 
networks and services enabling administrations in the Member States and 
at EU level to exchange data electronically in order to implement 
European policies and legislation.

On June 23rd, IDA organised a one-day workshop on OSS Competence in 
the Public Sector. The purpose of this workshop was to allow the public 
sector bodies that provide assistance and advice on the deployment of 
open source software in public administrations to share their 
experiences, good practices and applications. IDA would like to thank 
the 62 participants and 13 speakers that contributed to making this 
event a success.


The Workshop Proceedings, Sessions I-III (PDF):


The Skolelinux presentation at the workshop: 


- Knut Yrvin
Project manager (cel: +47 908 95 765) Skolelinux Norway and OpenOffice
translation to Norwegian. Office 1: SLX Debian Labs Forskningsparken,
Gaustadalle 21, 0349 OSLO, NORWAY. Office 2: IT-Staff Akershus County
Council, Schweigaards gate 4, 0185 OSLO, NORWAY