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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Software Freedom Day in Uganda

Ethiopia doesn't seem to be on the list, but you could always add it.

See http://maitri.ubuntu.com/softwarefreedomday/wiki/index.php/Team_Pages#East_Africa

East Africa

    * Kenya
    * Sudan
    * Uganda

North Africa

    * Egypt

Southern Africa

    * South Africa
    * Zimbabwe

West Africa

    * Benin
    * Cameroon
    * Ghana
    * Nigeria
    * Sierra Leone
    * Togo

In Goa, India, we are having the event on September 14 (at St Xavier's College) and on September 23/24 at the main computer exhibition in this small region. The reason is that September 10 runs straight into the Ganesh festival, devoted to the elephant-headed god of prosperity and widely observed in this region. So the precise date is less important than the SFD spirit, I guess! FN

PS: Greetings Wire, I remember our days with the video filming at Bangalore!

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Thanks Wire:

Can anyone please advise -- is there any SFD celebration in Ethiopia?


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Hi All

In Uganda we have The East African Center for Open Source Software
(www.eacoss.org) organising the Software Freedom Day events for the first

We shall have a half day workshop with presentations aimed at IT
professionals and managers and there after have an afternoon with an
exhibition by FOSS companies in Uganda and two parallel technical
presentations one for beginners and another for the experienced techies.
During these presentations some Ugandan FOSS developers are going to show
case their work to the techie community and others will showcase
applications that have been considered of interest to the community.




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