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[school-discuss] [IIEP] Introduction: FN, Goa (India)

Hi everyone, My name is Frederick Noronha (or, just FN) and am a
journalist living and working from Goa on the west coast of India.

Have been interesting in Free Software (not just "Open Source") for some
time now, and see it as a great way of spreading and sharing information
and knowledge. Would like to apply its principles of sharing to other
fields such as education, journalism (we have collaboratively written an
ebook now available on Project Gutenberg), informal learning (our local
GNU/Linux users' group is quite collaborative and active), etc.

Have been writing on Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) for
some years now. Also contributed the Asia chapter to a Finnish study on
FLOSS for the 'developing world'. More links at

Regards and nice to be in touch with this interesting group, FN
Frederick 'FN' Noronha      | Independent Journalist
Goa, India                  | +91(832)2409490 Cell 9822122436
1995-2005: Ten years of waiting for community radio in India!
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