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Re: [school-discuss] Request for New Intro-Duct-Shuns.

Hello, I'm Cameron Miller, a long time lurker. I work as a lowly sysadmin for Adams State College in Colorado. I started using GNU/Linux in 1992, and have made minor contributions to projects like Devil Linux, Thinstation, and Bricolage. I authored the nuts and bolts our portal system, (replacing a proprietary monster), and more recently our web session manager, ASCA: http://freshmeat.net/projects/asca/
I'm working to get our college to adopt Free and Open Source, things are finally starting to move, as higher ed budgets remain tight. We now have Linux thin clients in our library, with talk of adopting them elsewhere, and some small student labs in science and business are finally running Linux, with Windows stations using OpenOffice alongside the competition. Moodle is making inroads against WebCT. Our college is a long time teachers college, with a rural educational mission.