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Re: [school-discuss] Request for New Intro-Duct-Shuns.

Contratulations to Daniel for great ideas on how to keep things running in the
longer term. I'm impressed. It takes social organizational acumen to do these
things. At my little school, 100 - 140 students in any given schoolyear, k-12
international school in Thailand, we are using Fedora 4, have been using Linux
exclusively for three years successfully. We do run samba for those who come
in with windoze laptops, though. That's a useful holdover from the year of
transition in which we had Linux servers and windoze clients. Now we're
getting excited about moving to Ubuntu edu. At any rate, although I started
things rolling, there's little call to go back. Occasionally a new (usually a
young one just out of a well-meaning university that has good "technology"
skills, as long as they involve using a) the packages with which s/he is
already familar b)running on windoze. So much for the "teach a man to fish"
idea of education. We really need to do two things together IMHO.

1. Sign (start our own?) petition(s) to companies to make Linux versions of
decent educational apps -- for those few times when a Free/open source isn't
available (yet), and
2. Contribute examples to professors of education that show them the open
source/ open standard path.  They are frequently unfortunately acting as
windows/mac only gatekeepers rather than teaching their students to be
comfortable with any old tool -- as long as the concept is similar.

My two points ;-).

Best wishes,

David Bucknell

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