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[school-discuss] security issues in K12LTSP

When the Ethernet cables are inadvertently swapped in a K12LTSP server, and it proceeds to hand out IP addresses to windows PCs on the school LAN, is it possible for it to also hand out IP addresses to other PCs on the district WAN? Under these conditions, are there any increased security risks from hackers, viruses, etc.?

You can probably guess why I'm asking, and since then we have hardcoded the MAC addresses of clients in each room to the server's dhcpd.conf file and turned off dynamic DHCP, in case once again someone comes along after us and rewires the rooms.

I also found a site that referred to the fact that very little security was built into a default LTSP install, is this true for K12LTSP as well? Is there a document for K12LTSP on enhancing security for it? Here's the one I found for LTSP:



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